A natural fiber produced from the cotton plant. Comfortable and soft to touch, with an excellent capacity to absorb humidity.



A natural fiber obtained from animal fur. It has excellent thermal insulation and moisture absorption capacities.  



Its insulative performance and breathability are superior to those of regular wool, while also being softer and smoother to touch. It prohibits microbe growth and thus remains odor free, even after a long day.



DRY TEX is a polyester fiber made by modern co-polymer technologies. It combines the qualities of natural cotton with the advantages of synthetic fibers.

The yarn is softer and smoother to touch than cotton or other synthetic yarns. It is quick drying, which ensures a balanced microclima between the product and the skin.


  • is highly color fast
  • resists shrinking and retains its initial form, even after heavy use
  • is very resistant to external moisture and does not absorb liquids
  • has great breathability and dries quickly
  • is flexible and resistant
  • draws moisture away from the skin, into the fabric for fast evaporation


BAMBOO – the material of the 21st century!

The yarn is made from the fibers of bamboo plant, one of the most used plants in southeast Asia.

Due to its natural antibacterial properties, it is unnecessary to treat bamboo with anti-bacterial chemicals, ensuring a hypoallergenic material.  This is particularly helpful for proper foot hygiene, as it eliminates allergic reaction.

Although produced similarly to rayon, bamboo has additional qualities such as:

  • immediate absorption and wicking of moisture
  • superior thermo regulation
  • improved aesthetics — shiny look, silky softness
  • stability
  • anti-static properties
  • low thermal conductivity for a feeling of cool comfort
  • ideal for hot summer days
  • natural glossy surface without mercerization
  • naturally anti-bacterial
  • light weight



A completely natural cellulose fiber made from beechwood.  It is similar to rayon with high solidity and moisture wicking properties. Modal® yarns are comfortable, soft on the skin, and flexible. The smooth surface of the fibers keeps the garment structure remains intact during washing.  Modal® yarns retain their bright colour and silky gloss, even after repeated washing. With Modal® you will not get the undesirable effects of repeated wash damage such as pilling or a hardened grey surface.

Modal® vs. Cotton:

  • 50% better absorption and transfer of moisture
  • more even-looking yarn, more agreeable to wear
  • softer and smoother to touch
  • retains color and shine, even after repeated washing

Modal® vs. Rayon:

  • 40% firmer, both when wet or dry
  • improved wrinkle resistance
  • better stability of size and form, less shinkage
  • better absorption and active air-permeability



A blend of premium hand-picked cotton and fluffy acrylic fiber gives a modern material perfectly suitable for everyday use. It has a texture similar to wool, keeps its original size and form and is easy to wash. It does not pill or shrink, and is light, warm and agreeable to wear.



Dacron, a special tetra-channel polyester fiber is water repellent and non-absorbent. It draws body moisture away from the skin very quickly to the surface of the fabric. Coolmax® is more efficient than other fabrics at wicking away moisture through increased evaporation and as a result it helps regulate body temperature. The skin is kept warm and dry during a physical activity thanks to a consistent layer of air maintained just on the skin surface. Thanks to that, the temperature is kept stable in both hot and cold environments. Coolmax® is soft and smooth to touch.



Thermolite® consists of polyester hollow-core fibers. Compared to natural materials, it has great air capacity giving it excellent insulative qualities. It does not absorb moisture, but rather draws it to the surface. It dries 20% faster than other insulation yarns and even 50% faster than cotton.



Thermocool is a special hybrid fabric borne from experience and research into human thermoregulation. This unique combination of Thermolite® and Coolmax® joins the multi-channel and hollow-core qualities of both fibers, providing great dual functionality.



Made from the patented polyester fiber Dacron, it contains just the right amount of silver to prevent the formation of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and algae. This unique composition Coolmax® freshFX/Silver offers the advantages of both components at the same time. The breathable knitwear Coolmax® quickly wicks moisture away from the skin, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. In conditions of extreme transpiration, microorganism growth is additionally very effectively suppressed due to the continuous release of highly anti-bacterial effects silver ions.



Special polypropylene fiber enriched with silver ions. Silver ions are applied directly to the fiber core, so they remain in the knitwear even after repeated washing. They inhibit unpleasant odour and prevent the growth of transpiration dependent microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and algae. The environmentally friendly additives are non-toxic and help keep the natural balance of clean skin during intensive sports activities as well relaxation.



Bio cotton is cultivated without the use of chemicals. Compared to regular cotton, it is more gentle to the skin, it is softer, more breathable, offers increased durability.



Senzura is a polyester fiber with superior wicking properties. It is soft and delicate with high durability.



This synthetic fiber is flexible and strong, with notable resistance to friction. It is highly durable.



Polyamide is a very solid yet flexible synthetic fiber, and very resistant to friction. It is very durable and good at wicking moisture.



Elastane is a very elastic fiber ensuring flexibility and good retention of the garment’s shape.

Socks with elastane hems:

  • keep their form even after many times repeated wearing and washing
  • stay in place without sliding or rolling down
  • are much more resistant to oxidation (UV light exposure), detergents and transpiration
  • gentle grip in the hems
  • considerably higher yield



Polycot is a special functional fiber containing polyester and cotton.