Socks production for companies and corporations

Socks and knee-high socks are very practical promotional merchandise suitable not only for business partners, but also for employees. Are you organizing a team-building event, a sports competition or a social event? Give a pair of socks with your logo to your business partners or employees and let this gift be a souvenir of this event as well as a long-lasting promotion for your company.

Socks with a company logo can also be part of your employees’ working uniform, becoming this way a non-paid walking promotion for your business.

Who can use our promotional socks?

  • pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities
  • banks and insurance companies
  • farms and agricultural companies
  • construction and industrial companies
  • all companies that want to make themselves visible

What are we offering

  • socks manufactured according to your own design
  • production possible in small batches
  • short delivery time